Formed in 2009, our mission is to teach, grow and honor the game of lacrosse throughout the Mid Hudson area by providing leadership, guidance, training and structure to all town programs

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2018 Girls Rules

Grade K = 8U

Grade 1/2 = 8U

Grade 3/4 = 12U

Modified - #1. No checking

                  #2. 2 passes before shot

                  #3. 8v8, 10v10, 12v12 either full or small field

                  #4. No girl down situation (Girl must come off field)

Clearification: Goalies to be used

Grade 5/6 = 12U

Modification-#1. Game time 2-25min halves.

Grade 7/8 = 14U

If you have any questions about the rules please see rulebook below for clarification.

Girls Rule Book -